20th March 2023

How RemoteM simplifies fridge temperature monitoring and recording for care homes

Most nursing and care homes administer a range of medicines which require refrigeration to ensure their efficacy. These include insulins, some antibiotic liquids, eye drops and creams. In general, these medicines need to be stored at temperatures between 2oC and 8oC.

Care Quality Commission guidelines govern how to manage medicines subject to cold chain requirements. These state that maximum, minimum and current fridge temperatures must be recorded daily and accurate records kept. They also require that staff understand these processes and how to manage any temperature excursions.

RemoteM automates and simplifies the entire process

This work demands time, care and accuracy. The RemoteM temperature monitoring system can automate and simplify the entire process, using nodes which sit inside the fridge and take temperature readings every 10 minutes. This data is sent to the cloud via a base station, where it is stored securely and can be accessed via a 'dashboard' from any device, at any time.

In addition, if the temperature goes outside preset parameters, RemoteM will alert a designated individual or individuals via email, SMS or automated voice call. It's designed to keep working even in the event of a power cut, continuing to monitor and record temperatures, providing proof that medicines have been kept in prime condition.

Quickly and easily download reports for inspection visits

In compliance with CQC guidelines, RemoteM also enables users to download reports with comprehensive details of fridge temperatures across any specified period of time. This provides accurate and professional records, accessible immediately and without investment in staff time and effort.

It's easy to install and operate - all you need is a power socket. Just plug in the base station, put a node in each fridge and you're up and running. Again in accordance with CQC guidelines, there are no probe cables to interfere with door seals.

So how much does the RemoteM system cost?

There are no upfront charges or requirements for lengthy contracts. Most care homes will only require one base station and a node for each fridge. Base stations cost just £30 a month and each node £10 a month. Nodes can also be calibrated to monitor temperatures in ambient areas for medicines that need to be stored below 25°C.

Take a look at how the system works. Or see how it's working for GP practices with similar demands on staff time.

If you would like an online demonstration or a trial of the system, please contact us.