The system is delivered on a SaaS model (Software as a Service). Remote Monitoring leases the equipment to deliver the service on a monthly subscription basis.

A typical application will require one base station and the accompanying nodes to monitor each refrigerator, freezer, dispensary or ambient area required.

Base Station
Base Station
£30 / month + VAT
Each Base Station can support up to 100 nodes
£10 / month + VAT
One node required per area to monitor

Key information

Here's some important information you should know.

  • The RemoteM service is supplied on a rolling monthly basis. We do not request users to sign up to lengthy contracts
  • Typically, one Base Station is required per geographical location
  • For larger applications requiring in excess of 20 nodes, volume discounts may be applicable
  • Trial units are available on request; our typical trial period is two weeks
  • The RemoteM system does not require any specialist installation, wiring or set-up. It is a 'plug and play' model
  • There are no additional charges - access to our dashboard and alerts are included in the pricing above

Request quotation

RemoteM is priced based on the number of sites to be covered, and the number of locations at each site to monitor the temperature of - typically, these include fridges, freezers, dispensaries and other temperature sensitive locations. 

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