How does it work?


How RemoteM works

The RemoteM base station is set up in a location close to the appliances or areas to be monitored, and sensing devices (nodes) are placed inside the fridges or ambient areas.

Via these nodes, the base station logs temperature data at regular intervals 24/7, sending the results to cloud storage. This data is then available in real time on the cloud platform.

Users can access and analyse this remotely from anywhere or any device via a login and dashboard.

In the event of any fluctuations in temperature caused by power outages, equipment breakdowns or human error (many alerts are triggered by fridge doors left open!) then the system generates immediate alerts via SMS, email and voice call notifications.

How is RemoteM charged to the user?

RemoteM operates on a SaaS model (Software as a Service), where RemoteM hosts the application and makes it available to end users over the internet. Charges are based on the number of sites and areas to be monitored.

This is a monthly subscription with no upfront charges, or any other ongoing costs except the amount per device. RemoteM does not charge for dashboard access, temperature alerts or reports downloaded.

What platform does RemoteM use?

RemoteM uses the mobile phone network to send data to the cloud, and does not require any cabling or other support, just a mains power connection.

What about wiring and connections?

The temperature sensors (nodes) are powered by long life batteries lasting on average 18 months. When these require replacement, a new device can be despatched (and the original returned to RemoteM) or alternatively new batteries are supplied which are easy to fit.

What's the process in use?

RemoteM takes readings every five minutes and stores these indefinitely. Alerts can be generated via email, SMS and automated voice calls, or any combination of these. They can be directed to one or more people or locations.

The alerts allow for multiple thresholds. For examples, an email warning can be generated if the temperature records as outside 2-8°C, an SMS outside 0-10oC and voice calls beyond these ranges.

What's different about RemoteM?

Many temperature monitoring systems on the market today use a WiFi platform, which will often stop working in the event of a power failure.

RemoteM is designed to keep on working, logging data and sending alerts. This allows users to view the data in the dashboard and make informed decisions on whether stock should be moved or whether temperatures remain within acceptable ranges.


  • RemoteM supports accurate decision making around the storage of medicines and vaccines
  • Automatic monitoring and recording of temperatures, no time consuming manual reading and recording
  • In the event of temperature excursions or power outages, RemoteM ensures rapid corrective action can be taken by generating automated alerts using voice calls, SMS or email to designated individuals or locations
  • RemoteM has been designed as "plug and play": no wiring or system integration is required and the nodes pair automatically with the base station
  • All recorded data can be accessed at any time from any device via the RemoteM dashboard
  • Downloadable reports are available for compliance purposes
  • RemoteM does not require integration with local WiFi or IT systems
  • Full battery backup ensures the system continues to operate, recording data and issuing alerts, even in the event of a total power outage