08th September 2022

Rosegarth & Siddal GP Practices

This is a must-have for GP practices. We have now eliminated the need for time consuming manual fridge temperature checks, freeing up our busy staff for more relevant and productive tasks. What’s more, we have complete peace of mind that our fridges are monitored and our chilled stock is fit for purpose at all times. I wouldn’t want to be without RemoteM now I have experienced how easy and reliable the system is.
- Claire Taylor, Family Planning & Women’s Health Practitioner

About Rosegarth & Siddal GP Practices

The Rosegarth & Siddal GP Practices are based in Halifax, West Yorkshire, and are part of the Halifax Central Primary Care Network (PCN). The practices aim to offer the highest standards of patient-centred healthcare. They adopted the RemoteM refrigerator monitoring system in 2022, having seen the system in action at another NHS practice in Wakefield.

Automating a time consuming process

Claire Taylor first heard about the RemoteM refrigerator monitoring system during her work for Health Care First, a Wakefield-based group of practices who installed the system across seven sites in 2021. "Temperature checking fridges is a necessary job but one which is often not scheduled into daily processes," she stated. "When I heard my colleagues discussing RemoteM and how well it was working for them, I immediately identified the benefits for Rosegarth & Siddal practices in Halifax, where I work part time as a Family Planning and Women's Health practitioner."

Affordable and flexible

Rosegarth & Siddal operate a total of five fridges across the two sites in Halifax, West Yorkshire. "One of the appealing benefits of the RemoteM system for smaller practices is that it operates on a lease principle," Claire confirmed. "There are no upfront capital costs and no lengthy lease commitments either. There's a small monthly charge per base station and per fridge node, which is in my opinion negligible when compared with the staff costs involved with daily manual checking."

Accurate, reliable and time saving

"In these days of increasing automation, it doesn't make sense to have highly trained nursing staff tied up doing routine tasks which are carried out better and more reliably by a system like this. It has removed the need for manual temperature recordings and provides us with an accurate minute by minute record of how our fridges are performing. For the practice, it's total peace of mind. The fridges are monitored and we are alerted if anything goes out of range, 24/7."

Easy to install and operate

Claire also confirmed that the RemoteM system was easy to install. "It arrived with clear instructions and was quite literally 'plug and play'. I had no issues, but RemoteM provides a telephone support service which has proved friendly and accessible when I have had any questions about set up and operation."

How is RemoteM working in use?

"To tell the truth, I really don't think about it, which is why it's there!" said Claire. "We can forget about it, knowing our fridges are covered off all the time, even evenings, weekends and holidays - it will alert us if there's a problem. I check the dashboard occasionally for specific information - which I can do from anywhere, even if I'm not on site. I'm also looking forward to how easy it will be to download reports for specific occasions such as CQC audits. I would 100% recommend it to other practices."