About the service

What is RemoteM exactly?

RemoteM is a wireless refrigerator temperature monitoring system developed to facilitate easy and reliable compliance with relevant statutory bodies. It consists of a base station and nodes which are placed inside refrigerators, monitoring the temperature constantly and providing alerts via SMS, email or automated voice calls when temperature excursions occur.

It is designed to eliminate the potential for compromising the safety of medicines, vaccines and other temperature-sensitive products, reducing disruption and waste.

Who should be using the system?

Anyone who operates fridges stocking medicines, vaccines and other products that are temperature sensitive and regulated by statutory compliance requirements.

In addition, RemoteM is not just useful for monitoring medical stock. Our equipment has been used to monitor samples freezers in research facilities, enclosures in zoos, vaccines being transported to clinics, heating systems in buildings, recovery kennels in veterinary practices and more.

How does it work?

RemoteM operates via a sensor placed inside a refrigerator. This sensor maintains a constant record, logging temperature data at regular intervals 24 hours a day, seven days a week and sending this to the cloud via a base station. Each base station is capable of supporting multiple sensors.

In the event of a power failure or equipment malfunction that results in temperature fluctuation, the system generates immediate SMS, email and/or voice call notifications to designated individuals.

This data can be analysed remotely via an online 'dashboard', using almost any device. Detailed reports can be produced to support compliance, removing reliance on manual reading and recording processes.

Who is using the system at present?

Human and veterinary healthcare environments are using RemoteM to support their everyday medicine and vaccine storage procedures. Other applications include monitoring temperatures for zoological environments such as reptile enclosures.


Is it easy to install?

It's essentially 'plug and play'. In some cases, some simple calibration may be required, but our specialists will chat you through anything that's needed.

Does it rely on my WiFi or local power supply?

No. RemoteM provides a particularly robust solution as the system is designed around battery powered wireless communication, with no reliance on local WiFi or IT systems. The base station battery backup ensures data recording and alerts continue, even in the event of a lengthy power failure or internet outage.

Do I need to run any cables?

No. RemoteM is completely wireless - our base station should be plugged into the mains, but otherwise, no cabling is needed.

Does it require any maintenance?

No. Occasional battery and node replacement will be required over time, but these are provided to you free of charge as part of your agreement with Remote Monitoring Ltd.

Temperature monitoring

Can it cover any temperature range?

Subject to upper and lower limits, RemoteM can be calibrated to match statutory requirements for different applications.

How many fridges can it cover?

Each base station can support over 100 nodes, dependent upon distance from base station and other variables.

Does it work in ambient storage areas?

Yes - the system can be calibrated to raise alarms within any specific temperature range. Our nodes work equally well in fridges, freezers and ambient storage areas.

Is there a mobile option for meds in transit?

Yes. RemoteM nodes can be used in mobile fridges or coolboxes used to transport medicines and vaccines. These can be used with a base station in the vehicle, or as stand-alone nodes which download information when the vehicle returns to the vicinity of the base station.

Can it monitor more than just temperature?

Yes - the nodes can be used to monitor temperature, humidity and light levels.

How often are temperature readings taken?

Our standard period is every 5 minutes, but this can be customised per node.


If I have an out of range event, how does the system alert me?

In the event of a power failure or equipment malfunction that results in temperature fluctuation, the system generates immediate SMS, email and/or voice call notifications to designated individuals.

Alerts can be configured with different settings such that a minor temperature excursion may generate an email, but a power failure or more serious event ocould send SMS or make automated voice calls.

Can the alerts be sent to different people depending on the event?

Yes. RemoteM supports sending alerts to an unlimited number of people, even if they do not have access to the online dashboard.

The alerts can be configured differently for different days of the week, allowing, for example, alerts to be sent to an 'on-call' member of staff over the weekend.

Can it monitor in the event of a power failure?

Yes. The base station has a battery backup that lasts 24+ hours. In the event of a power failure, the nodes will continue to record readings, transmitting them to the online dashboard via the base station. This allows the temperature to tracked continuously and decisions taken as to whether to move stock elsewhere or wait for the power to return.

Will I be alerted when the event ends?

All alerts can be configured to also notify when the event ends (e.g. the power returns or the temperatures return to normal).