Current regulations demand that veterinary medicinal products (VMPs) requiring refrigeration, such as vaccines, some antibiotics and insulin, must be stored in a refrigerator at between 2°C and 8°C. The same regulations also stipulate that temperatures should be monitored and logged at least daily. RemoteM provides a reliable and robust solution which is inexpensive and easy to install.


Vaccines and controlled drugs

  • RemoteM ensures vaccines and controlled drugs are kept within the range specified in the Summary of Product Characteristics (SPC) (+2 to +8 °C, +15 to +25 °C)
  • The system is specifically designed to monitor fridges, freezers and ambient storage

Practice building monitoring

  • Building temperature can be monitored and reported
  • Potential uses include monitoring kennels or operating theatres


  • Branded reports can be generated automatically in advance of RCVS inspections
  • Temperature records from different practices can be viewed and reported upon from single (or multiple) devices

Power failures

  • RemoteM provides alerts if the power fails and keeps logging temperature throughout
  • Internal battery backup - does not rely on mains power supply
  • The online dashboard indicates how long vaccines / drugs have been out of specified temperature range, enabling accurate decisions to be made regarding disposal


  • Monitor the temperature of vaccines, controlled drugs and areas of the practice automatically
  • Regular readings are taken and automatically uploaded to the online dashboard
  • Reading frequencies can be altered to suit specific requirements


  • RemoteM is specifically designed to monitor temperatures within veterinary practices, pharmaceutical storage and key locations such as kennels
  • RemoteM utilises high accuracy temperature sensors


  • Temperature excursions or power failures can be alerted by automated voice calls, emails or SMS, to one or many people. The alert will highlight which node location has triggered the event
  • The online dashboard allows data to be exported as PDF reports or to Excel
  • Graphs can be generated and used to interpret fridge condition and efficiency


  • RemoteM can be retrofitted to any existing equipment, avoiding the need to purchase new
  • The online dashboard allows the condition of the fridge to monitored, potentially highlighting when servicing or re-gassing is required
  • The nodes occupy minimal space (105mm x 70mm x 30mm)
  • Both the node and base station enclosuses are manufactured from robust, impact resistant materials


  • No cabling is required and there are no trailing wires to break the fridge door seal
  • It does not rely on the practice's Internet connection / WiFi


  • The online dashboard, reports and alerts can be branded to fit the practice
  • Access levels can be created to allow head office or designated management to monitor temperature centrally across the company estate


  • Can be used to monitor fridges, freezers, cold rooms, ambient storage, kennels, operating theatres and more

Cloud based

  • No software to install or maintain
  • Multiple users can have access to view and act on the data

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