09th June 2022

Our lizards and other animals....

We’re delighted to share some new and developing applications for the RemoteM temperature monitoring system! Our nodes and base stations are helping to safeguard some of the planet’s most endangered species at Jersey Zoo, home of the world-renowned Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust.

It all began a year or so ago, when we were contacted by the zoo. Their own vets had come across RemoteM for a pharmaceutical application, and mentioned it to keepers in the herpetology department. Maintaining temperature isn’t just critical for inanimate medicines and vaccines, it’s critical for many small (and larger) creatures too.

So initially, RemoteM systems were trialled by the keepers responsible for some species of lizards and frogs. Being able to monitor aquaria remotely and benefit from immediate alarms if areas go outside recommended temperature range has been extremely useful to the team. In addition, work has begun on new applications to monitor humidity levels.

It’s expanded from there, too. RemoteM sensors are keeping a metaphorical eye on a group of fruit bats living in a polytunnel – these beautiful creatures are prone to developing frostbite on their wings if the temperature drops too low. We’re even hard at work for the avian section, monitoring temperatures in egg incubators.

If maintaining temperatures at a prescribed level and receiving alerts when these deviate is important for your processes, contact us.