13th January 2021

COVID-19 vaccination: making the most of every dose

With the news across the country now consumed with vaccine rollout and the acceleration of the COVID-19 immunisation process, we’re seeing increased levels of interest in and take up of the RemoteM fridge monitoring system. 

For the foreseeable future, GP surgeries up and down the country are going to be stocking increased levels of vaccines like the AstraZeneca offering, which may not require more challenging levels of refrigeration down to much colder temperatures but still demand careful consideration in terms of cold chain monitoring.

RemoteM provides the ideal solution. It’s easy to install and affordable, maintains all records automatically and frees up practice staff for more important tasks than recording fridge temperatures.

What's more, GP practices and vaccination centres can be assured that vaccines remain within temperature range even when premises are unattended; RemoteM features a sophisticated alarm system developed to alert users if a fridge goes out of range for any reason.

Recent alarms on existing installations suggest this is often due to human error. The most common alerts are caused by individuals leaving fridge doors open or failing to close them completely at the end of the day. With RemoteM, a timely alert to the specified telephone number, SMS message or email can ensure that batches of vaccine and other medications are not wasted.

See how RemoteM works here.