RemoteM base station

Base station

The base station's function is to receive the data recorded by the nodes, and transmit it to the RemoteM dashboard for you to review. It is mains powered with a battery backup, enabling the system to continue to record data in the event of a power failure.

  • Small physical footprint with low power usage
  • Utilises mobile phone network (GSM) – no reliance on client Wi-Fi / LAN
  • Automatically connects to the strongest mobile phone network in the area
  • Over 100 nodes can report to 1 base station
  • Battery backup with mains power failure and internal battery low alert
  • Audible and dashboard warning on mains power failure
  • Power surge protection


The node is the wireless, battery powered sensor that is installed in the environment to be monitored.

  • Available with a rapidly expanding list of application specific sensors, including:
    • Accelerometer
    • Air flow
    • Altitude
    • Barometric pressure
    • Button presses
    • CO2
    • Carbon Monoxide
    • Differential pressure
    • Energy consumption
    • Flex
    • Flood / leaks
    • GPS
    • Humidity
    • Light levels
    • Movement
    • Open / closed
    • Pulse counter (e.g. count the flashes on an electricity meter LED)
    • Pressure
    • Proximity
    • Sound level
    • Strain
    • Temperature
    • UV
    • Vibration
    • Weight
    • Wind speed / direction
  • Wireless, battery powered sensors
  • No cabling required
  • Range of 1km plus, dependent upon obstruction
  • Variable reading frequency
  • Available in flanged enclosure to suspend or fix
RemoteM node
RemoteM Dashboard


The dashboard is a web-based system that allows you to view and report on the data transmitted from the nodes. A flexible dashboard is available, with graphs and last readings from each node, updated in real time.

Further options are available to export data, generate reports and setup alerts via email and SMS.

  • Cloud based – access from anywhere on any device using a web browser
  • Multiple clients/locations can be monitored from a central station
  • Multiple levels of user access
  • Unlimited user accounts can be created
  • Can be branded to match client corporate style
  • Customisable email & SMS alerts for excursions and power failures
  • Internationalisation options – allows for different time zones and languages
  • Reporting to PDF and Excel/CSV
  • Client specific custom reports can be created
  • Data can be interpreted for condition monitoring of equipment
  • Optional annual export of data to DVD or printed documentation
  • Data backed up automatically to multiple locations
  • Integration with other systems/services via API
  • UK telephone and remote support