RemoteM Refrigerator Temperature Monitoring System for Healthcare Environments

Department of Health guidelines state that refrigerators used to store medicines and vaccines must be kept at a temperature between +2 and +8⁰C, minimising the risk of compromising the efficacy and safety of the products. Accurate and legible records of temperature monitoring must be maintained for audit purposes.

Processes are guided by the four Rs:

Read Record Reset React

This means that practices currently need to record fridge temperatures at least once a day, logging current, maximum and minimum temperature readings. Temperature accuracy must be cross-checked and equipment monitored to ensure electricity supply to the medical refrigerators is not interrupted.

RemoteM is designed to automate these requirements, enabling practices to maintain accurate records quickly and easily, safeguarding products and processes.

What is RemoteM?

RemoteM is a wireless refrigerator temperature monitoring system for the healthcare environment, enabling users to comply with all medicine storage requirements. It eliminates the potential for compromising the safety of such medicines and the resultant costly waste and disruption.

How it works

The sensing device is placed inside the refrigerator. It maintains a constant record, logging temperature data at regular intervals 24 hours a day, seven days a week, sending this to the cloud via a resilient base station.

Data is then available in real time on the cloud platform, allowing users to access and analyse remotely. The system generates immediate SMS, email and voice call notifications in the event of issues and power outages that may put valuable stock at risk.



  • RemoteM enables users to monitor refrigerators automatically and view the results on a clear online dashboard
  • RemoteM removes reliance on time-consuming manual reading and recording processes
  • Reading frequencies can be personalised to match individual practice requirements and differing temperature regulations
  • In the event of temperature excursions or power failures, RemoteM generates automated alerts using voice calls, emails or SMS to any number of people
  • RemoteM ensures immediate notification of risk of loss to key personnel, even out of hours
  • RemoteM supports accurate decision making around the storage and use of medicines


  • Branded reports can be generated automatically to match compliance requirements
  • Temperature records from different locations and practices can be viewed and reported upon from single (or multiple) devices


  • RemoteM can be retrofitted to any existing equipment
  • No additional wiring or system integration is required
  • Nodes pair automatically with the base station, giving instant communication


  • There is no reliance on practice WiFi or IT systems; RemoteM base station battery backup ensures data recording and alerts continue, even in the event of a power failure


  • RemoteM supports portable communication for stock in transit
  • Most non-refrigerated medicines must be stored at less than 25°C; RemoteM system parameters can be set to match any application, including monitoring temperatures in ambient areas where medicines are stored
  • RemoteM can be used to monitor stock in transit, ensuring vaccines and other vulnerable medicines are maintained under cold chain conditions during transportation

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