Remote Monitoring Ltd is pleased to partner with First Practice Management, helping GP practices to automate and simplify refrigerator temperature monitoring processes.

Why monitor your fridges remotely?

Because it’s accurate, reliable, fast, easy and affordable.

DoH guidelines state that refrigerators used to store medicines and vaccines must be kept at a temperature between +2 and +8°C, with records kept for audit purposes

RemoteM makes it easy

  • A sensing device is placed in each refrigerator
  • Temperature data is logged at regular intervals, 24/7
  • Data is sent to a base station and stored on the cloud
  • Users can then access and analyse remotely, generating reports

In the event of issues and power outages that may put stock at risk, the system generates immediate SMS, email and voice call notifications.


  • Plug and play - easy to install and use
  • Automated system replaces time consuming manual checking and recording processes
  • Assists compliance with DoH guidelines
  • Standalone - no reliance on practice WiFi or IT systems

Interested to find out more?

For a detailed information pack on how RemoteM systems can help you save time and improve your processes, contact us